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Hello 6.7

This software collects call data from PABX machine and calculates bill. It also tracks all the phone calls through PABX and save them in Access Database for future analysis. To use this software in Demo mode please enter user name: demo and leave the password field blank.

Price: 10,000Tk.

Download (3.3 MB)


This is a small software to play piano.


Trial Extender

This software creates an exe file in Software Path and shortcut in StartMenu, when you select a Trial Software and a Date inside Trial Period. When you run new exe, it will set back your system date to that Trial Period, Run the Trial Software, and then after 1 minute it will set your system clock to present date.


Salat Times

This software shows salat time for all places in Bangladesh.


Code Backup

This is a small software to backup your VisualBasic .Net project in Zip Format.


Growth Calculator

This software shows expected growth chart for children upto 2 years.


Bangla Dictionary

It is a Bengali to Bengali, Bengali to English, English to Bengali Dictionary. Search TextBox has built in support for Bijoy Keyboard. It doesn't support Unicode.


ScreenShot Saver

Press 'Print Screen' button of your keyboard and the screen shot saved in clipboard will be saved as a JPG picture file in Application Path.


Find Files

This software find files with some probable combination of names that should have to be excluded or included.


Picture Builder

This is a picture builder game for my daughter.